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Monday, 18 October 2010

Hand felting a shrunken head

Continuing from my last post on hand felting...
I was happy with my goth bags but also intrigued about the technique of hand felting, how far could I push this to make a more unusual item, what were the capabilities?
After juggling some ideas and getting a feel for the process I decided to embark of a very experimental project.
I decided I was going to try to recreate a realist looking shrunken head in fact a shrunken head bag.
At first I needed to research shrunken heads and google some pics, a task definitely not for the faint hearted ...
Although not nearly as grisly there are definitely some similarities in the process of creating a real shrunken head and hand felting one.
I wanted my work to look like it had been shrunken down but had retained all the details, albeit in a rather deformed and macabre manner, so I decided to crudely tack areas that would be the nostrils, eyelids and mouth and hope that during the felting process these areas would take on a 3D and lifelike quality. I was happy with the result of the basic head and set about decorating it pretty much how it would have traditionally been done, I used natural twine to sew up the mouth and eyes and beaded the hair and voila....my shrunken head bag!

traditional shrunken head - bag

Hope you enjoy this article, please stay tuned for more...

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