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Friday, 12 November 2010

A mans guide to washing dishes

As the main dish washer of our busy household I wash the dishes several times a day, occasionally I will ask my partner Mick to take a turn which he does. Why do I bother?...I am left with pools of water on the floor, a blocked up sink and having to rewash the dishes. After airing my frustration he informed me that men have a set of washing up rules which he then compiled for me, they are as follows...

A mans guide to washing up.
  1. Tea and coffee cups only need to be washed when the tannin buildup has got so great that it starts flaking off and floating in your drink, until this time emptying the cup is all that is required.
  2. Any knives that have been used to cut dry materials such as bread or cake do not require washing ever.
  3. Make sure to leave one or two bits of food stuck to anything you have had to wash so the chances of you being asked to wash up again are lessened.
  4. The can opener does not come into contact with food so doesn’t need washing.
  5. Any pan that has been used to boil something in water e.g. vegetables or boil in the bag items has had boiling water in it already and is therefore clean and requires no further cleaning.
  6. pan lids never ever need washing as the hot steam has already done the job for you.
  7. Plates that have had crumbly items on such as toast , bread or cakes on just need the crumbs to be wiped off to be rendered clean and useable again…remember if you can’t see any food scraps neither can anyone else and no-one needs know you just chucked the scraps in the bin and put the plate back on the shelf.
  8. Lettuce , cucumber and a host of other vegetables are made up of mainly water, water is clean and so any further washing of items that have come into contact with these foodstuffs is pointless. Know your vegetables water content.
  9. Recepticles that have been used to hold clear liquids look clean so therefore they are.
  10. Any food that gets stuck under a lip of a pan or underside of a plate can be safely ignored as these will not come into contact with the next foodstuff you use that utensil for.